AMERICAN SENIOR HOME FINDERS offers a personal placement service to seniors and their families free of charge​. We are your personal advocate and represent you and your family just as in Realty where the Realtor is your agent. We provide this service for no fee to you on the following terms.

We are compensated by the communities or residential care homes when the senior moves in to a community that has been suggested by AMERICAN SENIOR HOME FINDERS. There is no additional charge to work with an agent; it does not affect the price of the room or care.

The personal contact information (phone number, email, address) of the family, POA, client or other representative of the senior/client is not given to any care home or community.; it is kept CONFIDENTIAL. We do NOT sell your contact information. Our service is personal; we only share the name and the personal care needs of the senior/client* and the name (only) of the POA or Client’s representative with a community or care home in order to set up a visit and determine if they can accommodate those needs. We usually accompany the POA or family representative on the visits to represent you and/or the client to help you understand all that the community has to offer. The final decision about moving into a residential care facility for the elderly is made by the family and or client and not by American Senior Home Finders.

By agreeing to these terms with our services you are acknowledging the following: that American Senior Home Finders’ staff is your “agent” and will represent you in this search until a solution has been found or this agreement terminated by client and/or American Senior Home Finders staff; that you will not directly contact communities or homes on your own without first discussing it with your agent; that you will not go online* and fill out any forms to get information regarding assisted living; that if you decide to discontinue working with American Senior Home Finders you will notify them immediately by phone or email of that decision; that American Senior Home Finders may discontinue this agreement if we feel we cannot help in the capacity needed. Once the below named client moves in a community or home, American Senior Home Finders will remain your agent for 60 days in case the circumstances change and there is a need for a different solution. This current agreement will terminate 60 days after permanent placement.

If you went online and filled out forms to get information before contacting American Senior Home Finders or was working with another agency, we ask that you let us know what company you contacted and the results before beginning service with us.

NOTE: *Senior/Client means the senior that needs the placement in a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE). *Online “referral agencies” are lead generating companies. This is not currently regulated by any state guidelines, some companies may sell your information to others as a lead or referral. If you do an online search after signing this agreement that online company will become your “agent” and AMERICAN SENIOR HOME FINDERS will no longer be able to represent you, there can only be one representative or agent.

Donna Rybacki