Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse in Orange County

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I attended a talk about Elder Abuse that opened my eyes more and to look for the signs so that I can do more to help those in need.

The abuse of elders and dependent adults occurs at all income levels and in every city in Orange County.

Over 225,000 Californians become victims each year.

1 in 14 cases go unreported.


Abuse is often divided into four main categories:

  • physical abuse
  • neglect
  • psychological or emotional abuse
  • and financial abuse

Other types of abuse may include isolation, abandonment, or abduction.

Self-neglect can be detrimental to an individual’s well-being and should also be reported.



I have seen instances where the frail elderly are left home alone for many hours a day

 I have personally seen instances where family caregivers can get overburdened by caring for their loved one day after day and sometimes just leave them alone for many hours at a time while they go out to take a break; this is a form of abandonment.

Another type of abuse that cannot be easily detected is neglect.

This can be self-neglect; seniors telling their adult children that they are OK, when in fact they are not eating, sleeping at night or even bathing.

It can also be neglect on the part of an overwhelmed family caregiver who may leave them in a soiled diaper for many hours because they are getting tired of their duties.

The wrong thing to do is nothing.  If you see or hear of abuse in any of these areas you can call and report it.  There is an Elder Abuse Reporting Hotline– Call 800-451-5155 (24-hour hotline)