Senior Living During The Pandemic

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When Covid started becoming more serious in 2020 it posed many questions for many people.
Many of us thought it would simply go away, but here we are a year later.

When facing a problem there are a few ways you can go about it. We decided to attack this head on,
not neglect or pretend things would change. This was a time to adapt and help the elderly community even more.

Senior living during a pandemic is no different than senior living during a “normal time”.
Yes, there are now protocols and new rules within communities and homes, but they are based on the greater good for the elderly.
Covid has created many problems, one of the biggest ones is the isolation that was forced upon the elderly when before they were
able to go about living a social life.

Again, this is a time for adapting and that is what happened. As the pandemic is starting to turn
around with the vaccines now available and being administered, it is very important to being again
socializing and keeping our loved ones cognitively active. Senior living communities and homes are
doing this, it is safe to move a loved one during this time. If that is a concern for a family, simply
find out all the precautions put in place in senior living environments to ensure they are doing everything they can to keep
daily sanitization and a healthy space for their residence.

If someone is experiencing a decline with their loved one and they know its time
to make a change, they should attack this problem and not let Covid stand in the way.

We are here to educate families in safe senior living options.


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