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Signs An Elderly Person Needs Help

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I often get asked these question:


What are the signs that an elderly person may need assistance with their daily activities or health decisions?


When there are noticeable signs such as these:

  • Is their personal hygiene declining? Does it seem as if they may not be able to care for those needs?

  • Are they eating properly? Do they seem undernourished?

  • Are they declining family get togethers and other social activities they once loved?

  • Are they able to properly manage their medications?

  • Are there signs of memory loss and is it worsening?

  • Do they seem frail and at risk of falling?

Usually you will also notice that they are making excuses for the neglect of these usually normal functions.

What should a family member do when they begin to see these signs?

When these signs are present the first thing the family members should do is take the time to really observe their situation, without getting overly invasive. This could frighten them or cause them to create a social screen to keep you away, keeping things as normal as possible when you go visit them BUT also keeping an eye out for the above.

Next, make that appointment with their primary care physician to see if there are any health changes that need to be addressed.

Finally, you need to set up a plan of action with other family members to “check-in” more to make sure things are going well and if they are declining take the necessary steps to put in a healthy care plan whether at home or if appropriate in an assisted living environment where they have care staff on site for their needs.

We can assist with this in many ways, we can help the family find quality care to come into the home by recommending vetted and reputable care giving agencies that can provide in home care. If a family wants to discuss what assisted living options are available (our expertise) we can make an appointment to get together and discuss this with them.


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