5 Things About Assisted Living

Top 5 Things People Want to Know
About Assisted Living Communities


  1. Will my mom or dad be happy there?

Before moving your loved one into an Assisted Living Community or a Residential Care Home, you also want to make sure YOU are comfortable with the environment.  When touring you are able to get a general feel for the community as well as ask questions to find out if they are able to provide the care and atmosphere that will help enhance their current lifestyle.  If your parent is not able to join you on the visit it will be up to you to pass along your observations and overall impressions of the space.  Statistics show that when the correct Assisted Living Community or home is found, a senior’s health and well-being can improve in as little as 3 months after they move in.  When someones physical and social needs are met on a daily basis and are well cared for, it helps create happiness.


  1. What is the quality of the care?

When visiting an Assisted Living Community or you will want to observe the current residents throughout your tour, ask yourself if they look happy and healthy? Are they clean and well-kept? Are they engaging in conversations and activities? 


When visiting a Residential Care Home, you will look for other key points around the levels of care that are needed and how they are able to support those needs.  You can also talk to the residents and ask them how they are doing as well as observe how the care staff treats the resident to see if that meets your standards.  One visit may not be enough so feel free to go as many times as you need to be comfortable. The state keeps records of all the inspections done for that community or home and those files can be viewed online if you are interested to see the history of the home. 


  1. What exactly happens in an Alzheimer’s/Dementia care community?

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and Dementia takes specialized training and skill.  It is an ever-changing experience and the care staff should be able to understand and have the appropriate empathy, skill, and experience to successfully handle it.  When inspecting a home or community for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia it is important to know as much about your loved one and their habits and general state of being so the care and environment for them can be appropriately chosen.  It is achieved by observation and talking to the care providers to find out how they address different habits and situations. Communities specializing in Alzheimer’s are consistently training to learn about new advancements in helping their residents so they can provide a good quality of life for them.


  1. What is included in the monthly costs? (Meals, services, amenities, activities, etc.)


Assisted Living Community 

 When moving into an Assisted Living Community you will have some basic services that are considered in the base price. It is typically the room and board that will include; meals/snacks, basic utilities, housekeeping, local transportation to doctor appointments and stores, 24-hour staff for support and security as well as any community activities, events, or outings.  Any additional personal care that would require a caregiver will be charged separately in addition to the base price (unless it is included) it is usually on an as-needed basis.  These additional charges will change as the resident’s care increases or decreases.  It is good to know before moving in what the maximum cost for personal care is so you are prepared for that expense down the road. 


Residential Care Home

When moving into a Residential Care Home the services are charged differently. You are becoming part of a small home-like environment so your base fee will generally include all of the things above including any personal care needs. The agreed-upon rate will be charged on a month-to-month  basis and it will be determined ahead of time by you and the administrator.


  1. How do I find the right place?

Finding the right community/home is going to take some work. It will ultimately come down to personal inspections, communicating with the staff at the communities/homes, talking and observing current residents, and your overall feeling when you are touring.  You want to feel confident that when you bring your loved ones there you know they will be well cared for.  You may need to tour many places before you feel that way, or you may find it after just a few visits. 


Written By,
Brooke Holmes
Business Manager & Placement Specialist
American Senior Home Finders
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