Residential Care Homes, also known as Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, (RCFE) Board and Cares, Assisted Living Home, Elderly Assisted Living, Care Home, etc. Are usually single-family homes licensed to provide assistance with:

•Personal grooming/ hygiene
•Medications management
•Other personal care needs
•Daily Meals & Snacks

These facilities typically have 4 – 6 residents and are located in residential communities. They provide the same services as an Assisted Living communities would, but are in a small home which may be more suitable and affordable for someone who needs a higher level of care and needs more one on one continuing care needs. Residential Care Home vary from one to another. Some specialize in Dementia care, some have nurses who work there and can take someone that needs light medical care. We know the differences between the homes and what they each are best at. 


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