Caregivers. First thing’s first. Take a moment to be proud. You’ve taken on the most difficult job you’ve likely ever had, and you deserve recognition. Second, it’s time to talk about self-care. What are you doing for yourself? Are you taking time for self-care?

How Can You Care for Yourself?
Set realistic expectations. Being a caregiver is a 24/7 job, you don’t need to take on additional projects because you feel obligated. If you’ve been asked to do something, even by the person you’re caring for, that you can’t realistically fit into your schedule, don’t do it.

Prioritize your time.
You don’t have to try to be Martha Stewart! If you’re feeling up to having the whole family over to enjoy a meal, you do not (I repeat, DO NOT) have to prepare a 5-course meal, with a perfectly set table and hand calligraphed table settings. Keep meals simple. You can enjoy time together with takeout or pizza delivery. If you also have kids in the house, don’t be star PTA mom/soccer coach/primary kid shuttler. What little downtime you have is important, make sure it stays open.


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