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Communicate, Don’t Medicate

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Communicate, Don’t Medicate 

With the elderly, especially those with memory issues, sometimes the only form of communication is with repetitive sounds, motions or nosies. Sometimes their speech is gone and they are unable to use words to express whats happening.  This doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with them, it just means you will have to communicate to the degree that they can.

Maybe they hum a lot, tap a foot, or make a certain sound. This is still communication.
Back in the cave days, people were not walking around having sophisticated conversations. They were communicating  in the form of looks, sounds, etc.

This can sometimes scare families thinking they must medicate or give some kind of drug to their loved one to help them with this.
That is not the case at all. Don’t medicate, instead Communicate! Play a song they love, or hum with them. It has been seen that you sometimes can mimic what they are doing, therefore showing mutual understanding and they become cheerful and happy.

We advocate for communication, not medication.


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