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On-Line Registry Referral V.S Personal Placement

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per·son·al– adjective
  1. 1. done or made by a particular person; involving the actual presence or action of a particular individual.
reg·is·try – noun
  1. 1.
    a place or office where registers or records are kept.
    • an official list or register.
      When you are a first time home buyer, there is a definite difference between getting a listing of homes, searching yourself and then having a personal realtor who takes you through each home and tells you everything you will need to know about it.
      The list can be helpful for reference but if that person who gives you the list has never been to that home themselves or doesn’t know much about your family and what you really need, the search might be hard and tiresome.
      The realtor is there to give you the information you will need to know to make an educated decision and help make that process easy and pleasant.  They are with you every step of the way and will take your call whenever you have a question or concern that comes up.
      American Senior Home Finders is here to help you make that educated decision for the best community or home for your loved one. We don’t give you a list and hope that you make the right decision. We personally take you through each Assisted Living community or Residential Care Home and educate you on the difference and advantages of each place, to ensure your loved one gets the best care they need.
      If that time ever comes for you to made this decision, rely on the personalism rather than a registry of listings.