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Reasons Families Fight About Senior Care

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Reasons Families Fight About Senior Care

Caring for an aging loved one can be one of the most stressful family crises of a lifetime.

The difficulty of the task as well as underlying family issues that conflict can create a great dissonance.

When families can put aside their differences and work together as a team it works out for the best and their elderly parents gain the most.

From our years of experience these the

TOP 5 REASONS families fight about senior care

Caregiving while Raising a Family

National statistics show that 60% to 75% of family caregivers are women. Very often raising children of her own (Sandwich Generation) and balancing the demands of a career.  This is the most stressful type of family caregiving.

   Siblings View Parent’s Needs Differently

Adult siblings don’t always see care needs the same way. One child may have the impression that mom is doing fine at home while another feels that the need for care or placement is immediate.  Waiting too long while disputing the need can lead to a worse crisis.

   One Child Does All the Work

Often the child who lives closest to mom or dad will be the one that assumes the role of the main caregiver. When other family members don’t provide the same level of help, the child who is doing the most can come to resent the other siblings. Neither scenario helps the parent in the long run.

  One Child Excludes Others from Decision Making

At times there can be one child who will blame the others for the crisis and want to take FULL CONTROL of the situation excluding the rest of the siblings from having a say. This can lead to a compromise in the quality of the care chosen.

Parent Refuses Care

Even though the whole family may agree that mom or dad needs outside care, more times than not the parent(s) resist or refuse.  This can be a tough hurdle to jump on your own.


These scenarios are the ones that we encounter the most and are also the same reasons that the family needs outside help with this decision.  Enlisting an objective view can bring about the level of understanding needed and helps the parent.  Many times one or more of the family members are misinformed or uninformed about the options and what is on the other side of the crisis.

You can look for these signs and direct families to us for help.  American Senior Home Finders helps families find Quality Assisted Living for their elderly parents; our services are FREE to the family.

We can help any family though these types of issues.

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