Socialization Beats Antipsychotics

Socialization is KEY in the treatment of those diagnosed with a form of dementia; it has been proven to be more successful than administering antipsychotics. It has been found by experience that the use of social involvement is more beneficial.

Studies show that increased social contact and communal activities are more successful in addressing aggression and agitation. It is also known that group cognitive stimulation therapy, focusing on games, discussions, and other interactive approaches are equally as important and helpful.

Assisted living communities go to great lengths to create an active and diverse social calendar of events for all their residents.
There are communities that offer independent living, assisted living and dementia care on one campus where they detail the activities for each group of people according to studies about what is most successful and beneficial.

There is no real “benefit” to antipsychotic drugs according to specialists, who note that side effects can be brutal and damaging, as Medical News Today has recently reported.

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