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Types of Senior Living; How do you Choose?

By August 22, 2017 No Comments

Different Types of Senior Living
How do you choose the right one?

There are several different types of senior living and it is extremely important that when you are choosing a community or home to live in for senior care that you know the differences and what their specialties are.

I have seen many families choose one based on just a few criteria like PRICE or LOCATION alone and ending up with an unhappy or declining senior.

American Senior Home Finders takes the time to get to know the communities and homes in the areas we service.

We physically go to those communities and homes to find out what they specialize in, what types of circumstances they do not accept and what type of staff and programs they have.

We interview the staff and talk to the residents. We observe carefully so that when we make a recommendation we KNOW that it is the right type of living option for the family. We have 100% success when we do this.

California has thousands of these types of senior care; Orange County has almost 1200 options. This is a lot to learn about and we have taken the time to do it.

Please remember this when a family comes to you in need of help or advice finding senior care for a loved one.