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The WRONG thing to do is NOTHING!

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A Growing Trend of Single Seniors

Irish Woman In Contemplation

Irish Woman In Contemplation

There is a growing trend of single elders living at home alone. If these individuals develop dementia the home can become a very unsafe place. The person can accidentally start a fire, fall and not be found for hours or even days, become malnourished, fail to take needed medications or wander off.

55 percent

55% of fall injuries among older people occur inside their home while they are alone.

1 in 10 suffer a serious fall injury such as a broken bone or head injury

5 in 10 have problems getting up without help after they have fallen

Falls cause over 90% of broken hips; only half of those who break their hip will get around like they did before their broken hip

Don’t Leave Them Alone!

mother and daughter 2

“We’re going to wait for a fall that really hurts my mom before we can do anything.”

This man experienced just that when his mom fell and hit her head so hard that it broke a vertebra in her neck. She was bedbound for the rest of her days which were very limited. He regretted not taking action earlier. It changed his whole perspective on waiting for the crisis to occur.

“She is doing better today…I think we can wait to talk to her about moving.”

The next day this elderly woman had wondered out at 3:00am without anyone knowing. She was returned home by the police. NO one (including the woman) knows where she went or what happened on that walk.