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Summer Vacation

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Summer is a great time for vacation.

The kids are off school, there are many places to go  that you can’t go in the winter.

EVERYONE is looking forward to it!

But what about GRANDMA or GRANDPA?

They have ALWAYS joined you but now they may walk slower, need more rest time, they need their medications right on time, or maybe that oxygen tank needs to come too; you do not want to leave them at home and it just wouldn’t be the same family vacation without them

There are solutions!!

Bring a caregiver!  There are trained caregivers that will go with you on this trip. They can be taking care of all of the needs of that loved one and you and the family can run ahead and play until you drop.  They can still partake in all the FUN that is being had and yet remain well cared for.

If you are going hiking they can stay back at the hotel with someone you have already met, and someone trained to help them get along.  NO WORRIES!

If it is a long vacation, there are Assisted Living Communities that will let them stay temporarily like staying in a Hotel except better because they have all of the care and amenities that your senior needs.  This is called a “respite” stay.

Their meals, medication management, help with the activities of daily living are all part of a daily rate.  You can take advantage of this service in your home town or even at the destination area!


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