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What EXACTLY do we do for you?

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What Exactly Do You Get With American Senior Home Finders? 

These are the Top 10 things that we do for you.

1. We personally help you from beginning to end of placement.

2. We provide the necessary state forms that are needed before move in.

3. We teach you about the different types of care homes and what they         provide.

4. We educate you on the fee structure of assisted living communities and residential care homes and the services each offers to we can help you budget out the cost.

5. We provide education about the personal care plans of assisted living communities and care homes so that you are aware of it before you visit.

6. We personally accompany you on a tour/visit of the community or home so that we can advocate for you and your loved one as your representative.

7. We provide (on request) a copy of the report from the state licensing division’s latest review of the community. This will show any violations of licensing laws, or any abuses reported.

8. We provide family counseling regarding this decision and advise in the direction of the greatest good for your loved one so they get the best care environment. We make sure that each family member involved understands the process so that a confident decision can be made.

9. We provide personal professional referrals for help with long term care benefits for veterans of a war period, and other services that a family may need during a move from home to a community.

10. We provide (on request) personal references from families that used our services for placement of a loved one.

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