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Top 5 SIGNS your aging parent needs help

We understand the challenges families encounter when they must determine whether or not their elderly loved ones are still able to live at home safely.

    Here are some questions you should think about when determining if a loved one is in need of help:

Is their personal hygiene declining?

    Are their clothes clean?

    Are they able to shower regularly?

Are they eating properly?

    Have they lost weight?

    Are they physically able to shop for groceries and cook meals?

    Are they eating more processsed food?

Are they able to manage their medical care?

    Are they able to schedule transportation to appointments?

    Are they taking medication properly?

    Can they identify, their medications, what each one is taken for, and the proper dosage?

Are they frail and at risk of falling?

    Do they know how to access emergency services?

    Do they know how and when to dial 911?

Are they at risk for falling victim to crime?

    Do they still have good judgment regarding who they should and should not let into the home, or who they should trust?

    Can they defend themselves in any way?

    Are they afraid of being alone?

If your answers raise some concerns, let us help.

NOW is the right time, after a crisis it may be too late.

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