Should I Stay or Should I Go?

What Aging in Place Means in 2019

As we get older and those around us are aging, primarily parents and relatives, we may hear from time to time the term, “aging in place” what does this actually mean?

When this term gets used among seniors, they are usually saying they want to stay in their own home and be able to live out their live there, which makes sense. This is a big concern and fear for the elderly, having to leave the home they expanded and grew their life in. The good news is if one has the resources for this, it is possible! Brining care givers into the house for assistance, doing some light renovations, etc.

Sadly this is not always workable as costs can get very high and families can not afford this as a long term plan. Aging in place can apply to any location. Senior Living communities and homes are designed and operate to do just that, accommodate the senior so they can have a new place to call home and life out their best life in the comfort of a community that will be able to take care of any and all of their non-medical needs.

The term aging in place in this day and age has really evolved to also mean aging in place outside of ones own personal home. We can help find that appropriate community or home if that times comes.

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