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Please, DO NOT Put Your Mom in a Home!

By January 8, 2018 No Comments

Your mom is a sentient being not an item

One of the most common phrases I hear when I am helping a family face a crisis with their elderly parent is “I don’t want to put my mom in a home!”


Mom is not an item that can be put somewhere; she is a sentient being who has helped you through many things in your life, you need to care for her the best way possible.

Moving her from an environment where she is alone, isolated, surrounded by things that she may get hurt on if she falls, to a home where there are people to say “Good Morning” to her, make her nutritious meals, help her get ready for a great day and care for her the way you would is doing the best thing possible to improve her quality of life.

Choosing the right place to call HOME is my specialty, I treat this with the utmost of importance.  Your elderly parents, family, friends, neighbors are important people to you and that makes them important to me.

Donna Rybacki
Senior Placement Specialist

If you know of anyone who has concerns about their aging parent or loved one please call.
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