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Valid Therapy to help Maintain Independence and Control of Life

By April 19, 2018 No Comments

There are valid forms of therapy that enhance the survival of an individual and provide sharpened reasoning and tools for better survival. These apply no matter what age you are and no matter what circumstances you are experiencing in life.

The better we are surviving, the more pleasure we have.

Finding assisted living homes and communities that can incorporate all of these therapies is our goal. When we accomplish this we know the senior that enters into that environment has a better chance of increasing their quality of life and thus their long-term survival.

Here are four therapies that help one maintain good control of life:

Spiritual & Physical enhancement: this can be attending church programs, yoga for relaxation, walking/hiking clubs, bible study classes, etc. it is a time to engage in the “you” of the individual or the spiritual soul.

Education: this can be education about conditions that seniors can commonly fall into. As we age we need to know how to help the aging body stay healthy. Things like fall prevention, healthy eating to avoid diabetes, or high cholesterol, etc. Sign up for seminars or lectures or read books on the subject. If you have a medical condition, this can be learning more about it so that you can become more causative about healing from it. Health and Nutrition are all a part of happy living, this can include education about that.

Another part of the education aspect can be education on keeping your brain and mental status healthy. There are a number of programs, books and exercises that can help us stave off the memory loss as we age. These are all valid forms of education.

Change of environment: Do not keep doing the same thing day after day, go out, get outside stimulation, do not isolate in your home of office if you are still working. Recreation, walking, keep your environment happy.

Keeping your physical surroundings orderly is also a valid form of therapy. Sometimes as seniors age and their children leave home they accumulate items that are no longer useful for daily living but they may mean something nostalgic. It is good to regularly go through the items and organize them for future use in giving to those adult children or storing for later. A good practice it to help make sure that the items do not clutter up the home and make it an unsafe place to live. I have seen some families create a monthly activity to help accomplish this. While others hire care givers to be the catalyst for this activity.

Finding the RIGHT assisted living community that can assist our elderly with these things is our goal. We will do our best to locate that healthy environment.