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Exercises For Brain Health 

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We want to share some information about increasing your brain activity and how it can slow or halt the effects of Dementia.

There is growing evidence showing that increased social activity and strong social connections modifies the effect of Alzheimer’s Disease pathology in the brain by lowering one’s risk of cognitive impairment.

It is created by building one’s cognitive reserve of healthy brain cells and strengthening the connections between them.

Here are some of the highlights 

1.   Ongoing engagement in purposeful social activities

2.   Cognitive exercise

3.   Physical Exercise

4.   Stress Reduction

6.   Support Groups

Not only can we learn by implementing these in our lives NOW and the lives of those already suffering from some cognitive decline, but we can use this as a guide to seeking quality care for a loved one with memory impairment.

There are many of the higher quality memory care communities in Orange County that offer some or all of these activities.


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