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Short Term Assisted Living Placement

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We don’t want you turning into a monster this October!

Caregiver burnout is very common, especially as the holidays start approaching. Making the decision to move an elderly loved one to Assisted Living can be difficult and stressful.


Respite care is a helpful option for family caregivers who need a short break from their caregiver duties, or for seniors who need a higher level of care as they recover from an illness or surgery. It is a good option for family caregivers when they want to schedule a vacation or need a break during the holidays.

Here are 5 Reasons for a Respite Stay

  • Mom takes care of Dad, who has some memory issues. Mom wants to visit her sister in another city during the holidays. Mom needs respite care for dad in assisted living for 2 weeks.
  • Mom takes care of Dad, who needs help with activities of daily living. Mom needs to have surgery. Mom needs respite care for dad in assisted living for 2 weeks.
  • Mom thinks that it is time to consider moving into an assisted living community. Mom wants to try a short-term respite stay for a month before moving in long term.
  • Mom recently had cardiac surgery. The doctor said it is not yet safe for her to be home alone. Mom needs a 30 days of respite care in assisted living.
  • An adult child has been looking after and taking care of mom or dad, the adult child is getting burned out. They would like to take a 2 week vacation for the holidays. Mom or dad can do a 2 weeks respite stay and still get the care they need.

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