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Top 5 effects of Social Isolation Among Seniors

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It is commonly known that when you have the knowledge about something, it can help you understand that subject better and help you to take action and responsibility for it.

We have found that when seniors become isolated in their home, it greatly increases their chances of illness, injury and cognitive decline. It also increases the need for long-term care.

Here are some facts about Isolated Seniors that you should know about, so that you can DO something to help someone that may be isolated in their home.

While living alone does not inevitably lead to social isolation, it is certainly an influencing factor.

A concern about isolation is how often seniors engage in social conversation and activities; when there is a lack of interaction with others, this causes a decline in overall well-being.

Regardless of the causes of senior isolation, the consequences can be harmful.

Here are the TOP 5 effects of Social Isolation among seniors:

  • Feelings of loneliness can negatively affect both physical and mental health; as well as cause, long-term illness. These circumstances can lead to isolation.
  • Loneliness as a result of isolation contributes to cognitive decline and risk of dementia.
  • Isolation can lead to a reduction in physical activity which again predisposes the senior to illness and injury.
  • Social isolation makes seniors more vulnerable to elder abuse.
  • Caregivers of the elderly are also at risk for social isolation as a result of care-giver burn out.

Assisted Living communities and homes are designed to help a senior become integrated again with others, thus solving the problems that go along with isolation. The communities often mirror the activities that one used to do like shopping, banking, social events like theater or dancing.

We help socially isolated seniors become active and healthy again!



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